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Berryland Campers

Berryland - Your Choice for RVs
We are the largest Cardinal, Flagstaff, Cherokee, and Puma dealer in  the entire United States of America! Our formula is simple: Quality  Recreational Vehicles with Industry Leading RV Service.

Berryland Campers is one of the most comprehensive RV Camper  Dealerships in the United States. We are among the nation’s largest RV  carriers of 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Class A Motorhomes, Class C  Motorhomes, Toy Haulers, and Utility/Cargo Trailers. Berryland Campers  has over 400 units in stock on over 30 acres of prime real estate next  to Interstate 12 in Louisiana. Our state-of-the-art RV complex features a spacious RV parts store, 24 RV service bays and 11 skilled and highly  trained technicians. Whether you are a weekend camper or a full-time  RVer, Berryland Campers has the RV for you and your family. We also have over 100 bunk model RVs in stock with extra storage. The doors are open on all our RVs, and that allows you and your family a no-pressure,  hassle-free RV shopping experience.

Our knowledgeable sales and service personnel and very competitive  financing packages will get you into that dream RV you and your family  have always wanted. Each RV must pass a rigorous, 4-hour pre-delivery  inspection (PDI) before it is driven off the lot. After the PDI a  technician will spend from 45 minutes to an hour teaching you how to use your new RV. You and your family will be able to go RVing immediately!


Dixie RV

"Hello, It's A Great Day at Dixie RV SuperStore," is what you are likely to hear, in a HUMAN voice, when you call Dixie  RV SuperStore.
Dixie RV SuperStore makes a commitment to our customers to be  there at all times, to be courteous, and to always have the customers'  needs at the forefront.
Our staff is trained to serve you quickly, thoroughly, and effectively.

At Dixie RV SuperStore, we're all about service. When calling,  make sure you ask for the proper department to address your needs: 

  • Service Department (repairs or maintenance)
  • Camping World
  • Sales (motorized, towable, new or used)
  • Finance Department
  • Administrative (title questions)
  • Customer Service (front desk) 


Kent Mitchell RV Sales

At Kent Mitchell RV  Sales LLC, our initial business goals were simple. We patterned our  style of business directly the same as the company who’s products we  represent, Keystone RV and Heartland RV Company. We offer the best  products, floor plans, and engineered product of recreational vehicles  at the best price to our customers. Not just on sale days…..but every  day. How do we do that? Well, we keep our overhead down, as low as  possible. We are a no frills dealer. Here you will not find marble  floors, billboard signage and fancy landscaping surrounding our  inventory. But what you will find is the most competitive pricing, the  best selection available in the state of Louisiana on Keystone and  Heartland RV product lines, a seasoned sales department trained to give  you the answers to the questions you may have, enabling you to make the  best purchase decision, and a service department that is capable of  scheduling you in quickly, fixing your problems right the first time,  and returning your RV to you in a timely manner that allows you to enjoy your RV the way it was intended, at the campground! We have a beautiful functional facility, secured with 6 foot tall fencing, twelve service  bays 40 foot deep and enclosed. Our lot provides you with plenty of  paved turn around space, making your visit less intimidating upon your  arrival. We are an easy drive from Mississippi and Texas, located on  interstate 55 south of the I-12 intersection just three to four short  miles from Berryland Campers or Dixie RV Superstore. You are assured  that at Kent Mitchell RV Sales we maintain at least 85 percent of the  floor plans that are available in the Big Horn, Sundance, Copper Canyon, Sprinter,Edge, North Country, Springdale, and Summerland lines at all  times. We also keep a fine selection of sport utility campers such as  Heartlands Roadwarrior. If you can’t find it here, you probably won’t  be able to find the obscure model that you are looking at anywhere. We  monitor our inventory flow daily to keep fresh RV’s rolling in each  week, replenishing as quickly as possible. As easily as you can find  great prices on our site, we assure you our best price every day.